Hi, Im Stephen. I'm a Front End Web Developer.

I am a 26 year old self-taught freelance front end web developer. I am a web-development convert having previously worked in professional sport.

Making the transition in to web development has been exciting, fulfilling and challenging. I currently work full-time for MongoDB in Cloud Support. Please see my projects below, I hope you enjoy!

My Skills

Through my personal studies I have developed an understanding of Computer Science and Web Development Fundementals. I have applied these learnings in my work and various projects. Skills I have devloped and aim to continuously improve are below:

  • ES6 Javascript
  • HTML & CSS
  • React & Gastby
  • MongoDB
  • SEO
  • Git & Github
  • Electron
  • NodeJS & Express

Client Work

Jonathan Griffin PhD

Client website that works within the High Performance Sports industry.

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Trish Nannery

Client website that works within the field of Psychotherapy and Addiction.

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Sorting Algorithm Visualisers

Bubble Sort

Vanilla Javascript Bubble Sort Visualiser. Utilises ES6 Async/Await.

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Vanilla JS Apps

Multi-Day Weather

Geo-location based multi-day weather app. Utilises the Dark Sky Weather, Google Geo-Location API and Async/Await and Promise based Javascript.

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Spotify Clone

Responsive Vanilla Javascript Spotify Clone. This clone plays copyright free music. Utilises the Web Audio API and module revealing pattern.

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Popular childrens game, Hangman. Utilises the module revealing pattern and dynamic DOM content and manupulation.

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